Louisville, as a city, doesn’t get enough respect. Despite being in the top thirty most populous cities, it hardly ever gets a headline for anything but a sporting event.

Perhaps that’s the way all flyover cities feel. There’s sleepy Indianapolis to the north (nicknamed “nap town” for a reason) that most people couldn’t find on a map. What chance does Louisville have?

But Louisville is an incredible city to live in. It never gets ranked like that when the coast journals or the coastal websites do those big rankings, but it really is an excellent city.

Start with the geography. It’s on the river. Just south, the terrain gets hilly, and it’s full of beautiful forests that would rival anywhere on the East Coast when their leaves turn in the fall.

The city has a great skyline. It has districts with an industrial feel but also districts that are straight out of the Victorian Era. It’s big enough to be metropolitan in the downtown but small enough to feel small town anywhere else. It’s the best of both worlds on that front.

It has a good climate that gets nice and warm in the summer but still gets cool in the winter. Not that much snow, but it does happen.

The city has history. It’s been around almost as long as the country itself. It was an important city for the Union in the Civil War.

And then, of course, there are the sports. There’s no need to go on about those. Simply mentioning a few words will do: the Louisville Slugger, the Louisville Cardinals, and the Kentucky Derby. That ought to be enough.

Perhaps most people who know anything at all about Louisville would know all those things, but that is only the surface of what Louisville has to offer.

For instance, did you know there’s a thriving Louisville indie music scene? And a thriving art scene to boot? Louisville is as artistic a city like New York, if you consider the population difference, yet it’s rare anyone outside the area celebrates all that Louisville is doing to enrich the local culture.

Louisville also has a pretty decent motorcycle culture (and of course, unfortunately, its share of motorcycle accidents). There’s an appreciation for nature and a lot of nature-loving societies around.

This is just a short list, but it does show that Louisville is more than a boring little town. It deserves the kind of respect the East and West Coast cities get. There is plenty of material here that could make a great movie set or be the stage of a great book or play. If those on the coasts would just pay a little more attention, they’d find out there’s a gem of a city that rivals their own metropolises right there in one of the states they’re so busy flying over all the time.