Apps are always a great way to engage and re-engage your customers. In this day and age where everything is mobile and everyone is on the go, creating an app to keep in touch with your customers wherever they are is a great marketing strategy. But is creating an app still a great business approach even for the most peculiar, uncommon industry, including the legal sector?

The answer to this is a big yes! According to the website of Big Momma Apps, having your own app available on Google Play or App Store makes your law firm more in touch with existing and prospective clients. Whether a person is on the side of the road due to a fender bender, or has been attack by a dog while walking two or three blocks away from his home, having an app means a prospective customer may reach you whenever he needs legal help, without having to reach the comfort of his own home to open his desktop.

But what makes an app successful? Here are the tips that you should bear in mind when designing your own app:

Have a clear call to action in mind

Having a beautiful app is just one part of the story. You need to create an app that has a clear business goal. Do you want your customer to contact your firm? Do you want your app users to subscribe to a newsletter, or make a purchase? Apps are the best way to get your intentions across your customers. Through your apps, you can engage with your customers and tell them what you want them to do.

Design for different platforms

Mobile phones have an extensive user base. Within this base is a myriad of different mobile platforms that your customers use every day. Instead of designing an app for a smartphone, why not make a hybrid app that can cater both to customers in mobile phones and tablets? This way, you are ensuring maximum reach, which could benefit your business a lot.

Information is power

Having a great app is not enough. You need to track down your conversions to know which campaigns give you the most traffic. By knowing what people are clicking and what’s keeping them engaged, you can tweak your app to provide the best user experience.